FEVOURD-K is a membership-based federation of voluntary organisations dedicated to strengthening citizen action and civil society participation in achieving sustainable development goals in Karnataka.


Informed, inspired civil society committed to deepening democracy in support of marginalized communities in their determined pursuit for dignity, social justice, and sustainable development.


To deepen democracy by strengthening civil society and their participation in India.

Inspired by constitutional values of justice, liberty, fraternity, and human dignity, FEVOURD-K was started in 1982 by Civil Society stalwarts engaged in collaborative work with the state to advance human freedoms and ensure rightful access to developmental opportunities for deprived communities. Headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, FEVOURD-K is a membership alliance of over 800 organisations working to advance civic engagement in shaping socially just, environmentally sustainable and economically equitable policies and programs in the state.

The members of FEVOURD-K are registered organisations and civil society coalitions involved in diverse range of social, economic and environmental issues and belong to a wide range of sizes and socio-cultural orientation.

Objectives of the FEVOURD-K

  • Ensure solidarity among voluntary organizations for collective voice and action on issues that affect the sector.
  • Strengthen voluntary organizations to help them better accomplish their missions.
  • Promote a robust civil society to protect democratic values and to advance human progress.
  • Create inter-sectoral synergies for innovations, shared resources and effective impact.

FEVOURD-K's contribution to change

  • Diverse membership across Karnataka, with a strong presence among deprived communites in the poorest districts.
  • Clear choice of defending civic space and promote civil society.
  • Focus on strengthening civil society, working across issues, geographies and organisation types.
  • Leadership on civil society issues and trends.
  • Promotion of civil society voice and pro-civic policies.
  • Capacity to think beyond the horizon to reinforce civil society role in a democracy.

FEVOURD-K is guided these values and principles:

  • Collective Ownership of the Federation
  • Decentralised Decision Making
  • Collaborative and Critical Engagement with the State
  • Constitutional Mandate of the Voluntary Sector
  • Community Leadership
  • Transparency and Professionalism

Accountability of FEVOURD-K

It is crucial that we can be held accountable for our acts as civil society expands and becomes more well known. This should be accomplished in a dynamic, ever-evolving manner, where responsibility is demonstrated not through a report but rather through positive interactions with stakeholders that increase the effectiveness and authority of civil society organisations.

Accountability at FEVOURD-K entails being open and honest about who we are and what we do. Additionally, it means that we must account for our accomplishments and methods in front of our collaborators, donors, the civil society, and ourselves.

Accountability principles:

  • FEVOURD-K will be an agenda setting federation based on emerging issues of democracy, civil society, deprived communities and environment.
  • The federation will be driven by the constitutional right to association under article 19(1)(C) and fundamental duties of citizens under article 51A.
  • Will adopt a multi layered approach to affect social transformation at scale as well as to expanding space for individual opinions and action.