What We Do


With its roots in the Indian independence movement, the voluntary sector in the country has been playing a key role in protecting human rights and advancing human progress. As an apex body of voluntary organisations, FEVOURD-K promotes skills and habits of collaboration and negotiation between people and the state, feelings of responsibility and solidarity, shared goals, and public spiritedness.

FEVOURD-K's main objective is to strengthen civil society and constitutionalism among citizens for increased civic and democratic space. We focus our efforts through the following primary goals.

  • Ensure solidarity among voluntary organizations for collective voice and action on issues that affect the sector.
  • Strengthen voluntary organizations to help them better accomplish their aims and objectives.
  • Promote a robust civil society to protect democratic values and to advance human progress.
  • Create inter-sectoral synergies for innovations, shared resources, and effective impact.
  • Advocacy for open spaces and active civil society engagement to deepen democracy.
  • Promote civil society best practices from around the world to constantly expand our notion of democracy and constitutionalism.